On Your Birthday

Dedicated for my husband

I’ve found you,
Now, I see you…
You’re not the one I knew before
You’re not the one I used to be with
You’re not what you’re before

You’ve change…
And the new you are surprised me
You’re better, much better than before I knew

Close to you,
Seeing your fight and struggle,
I know you’ve work hard, very hard
Then, I pray that I could be at your side
Be with you, do my best for you

Knowing your activities,
Full of your days,
Your full weeks,
Such as no time for your self,
Then I pray, hope He always Bless you

You know, it’s hard to say what the things in my heart,
But at least I can say, that
I’m proud of you, honey
You’re not only change yourself,
But also mine,
Here I try to be better too…
Thanks to you…

Here, now, on your birthday
I pray from my heart,
That He will always Protect you, Loves you, and Guide you through His path
Gives you all the best things, and the most important is
He Bless you, your life, your time, your everything
Thanks to Allah that Gaves you to me, to be my men, my qowwam
Hope it will not last here, but till in His Heaven


June, 3th 2012

Honey, I love you ^_^


About ryu1nayumi

Sebutir pasir yang berharap bisa bermanfaat untuk makhluk lain

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